Robert Half

  • Forada, MN 56308, USA
May 23, 2022
Robert Half Orem, UT, USA
Description The senior receptionist will represent the organization in a friendly and detail oriented way. They will perform various duties, tasks, and responsibilities as shown below: · Coordinate the activities of the reception team · Ensure that every phone call is handled in a courteous and detail oriented manner and that all visitors are appropriately attended to · Responsible for directing inquiries accordingly · Ensure the safe keep of information displayed for member use and update it regularly · Ensure the efficient processing of incoming and outgoing mails as it regards the premise · Responsible for arranging couriers · Liaise with suppliers to effect the ordering and distribution of items required by firm, mostly on a weekly basis · Organize celebrations around the premise · Ensure that the entry desk premises are kept tidy and clean at all times. Ensure the maintenance of the front office, entrance foyer, staff area, and boardroom · Responsible for checking the state...