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Cut Through the Job Board Haze 🌤 Post Utah-Based Roles on Utah Jobs List

Cut Through the Job Board Haze 🌤 Post Utah-Based Roles on Utah Jobs List

Visibility of your job listings is still the biggest challenge most employers face when they are recruiting and hiring. 

However, that problem becomes even more extreme when you are trying to attract a more diverse and inclusive candidate pool for your hiring objectives for one very simple reason:

People you are trying to hire are not looking for you. 

This is true in many respects when it comes to recruiting in all sectors, industries and at all pay levels.  Passive candidates are often not looking to change companies, but must be enticed to look at your company seriously. 

However, what many employers also miss is that a fair portion of the active candidate market, meaning, people who are looking for work and would want to work with you, and that you would want to hire also are completely missed because they simply didn't know you were hiring. 

Job Aggregators

When job boards like Monster and Dice came on the scene, and later, companies like Indeed and Glassdoor started pushing aggregated job listings, one benefit to those services are they allow jobseekers to look in one place for jobs.  

The downside of such sites is, for the same reason, that many of those openings are too generic to be meaningful to smaller, more nuanced job seekers.

Of course, if you pay enough money, you can be "featured" or "priority" listed on those boards, but only until the next company out-bids you and knocks your position down a rung or five.

Rise Above the Inversion 🌤

In Utah, there's a new way to cut through the haze of aggregated big board job listings and get your important roles in front of talented, hard-working people who may be open to a change of companies, and that is Utah Jobs List.

Utah Jobs List provides employers with:

  • Post any role free for ten days!
  • Automatically mirror your company's listings on all unlimited paid plans -- set it and forget it!
  • Featured company & jobs status gets you in front of candidates looking for new work
  • Free job alerts will notify your company's followers of new roles instantly!
  • Manage applicants in your own applicant system or email or use our simple applicant management tool (free and included)\

Gain a Following through our Free Publicity

  • Utah Jobs List has gained hundreds of social media followers who are notified of your open roles!
  • We have more than 1,200 email list subscribers who receive instant updates when you post an opening.
  • We cross-post and share your openings in facebook and linkedin groups, email channels and other social sites for you to boost your job's interest.

Partnerships and Diversity Hiring Advantages

Through our partnerships with various local diverse, underrepresented and employee resource groups, meetup and other community groups, we put your roles directly in the well-guarded inboxes of a wide range of talented, diverse candidates who are not browsing other job boards looking for work. In short, they listen to our job openings because we support them and their initiatives.

Get Started Now

Choose a one-time, monthly or annual posting package and start posting today.  Sign up for any unlimited posting plan and we will contact you about automatically mirroring your company's job board for free. 

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